Tweak Studio offers customized speakers from a wide variety of brands and at all different price points.  Our top lines include Burmester, YG Acoustics, KEF and ELAC.  We pride ourselves in being able to provide the very best products that work within your budget.  We also help create a system that visually complements the interior environment.



Turntables act as one of of the best sounding sources, offering warm sound that invokes nostalgia and radically transforms the sound environment.  Our latest products from Transrotor and Acoustical Systems boast cutting edge design that is beautiful to both the eyes and ears.



Amplifiers are the 'engine' of any great sound system as they power the speakers to create optimal sound.  We carry top of the line products by Burmester and Solutions, with a wide range of options at many price points.


Digital & Analog Sources

In addition to turntables, Tweak Studio offers media servers, CD players and DACs in a variety of customized colors and finishes.  We feature premium analog sources by Acoustical Systems and Transrotor and digital sources by Burmester.








Tweak offers a full selection of audio accessories including resonance control devices, audio racks and cables to meet your sound needs.